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Burton Doan Thuma
Regents' Proceedings 673

The Regents also adopted the following memoir for Burton Doan Thuma, Professor of Psychology, Associate Dean of the College of Literature, Science, and the Arts, and Director of the Residential College:

Burton Doan Thuma, successively Professor of Psychology, Associate Dean of the College of Literature, Science, and the Arts, and Director of the Residential College, has received permission to retire from the active faculty at the end of June, early in his sixty-sixth year.

Dean Thuma transferred to The University of Michigan from the University of Cincinnati as a college junior, and, except for a year's graduate study at Stanford and a term of military service, he has remained here. Completing his doctoral work in 1930, he rose through the several ranks in the Psychology Department to a professorship in 1948. Two years later he entered the administration of the College of Literature, Science, and the Arts; he was appointed Associate Dean in the year after that. During two interim periods, he served as Acting Dean. Three years ago he became also Director of the prospective Residential College, a unit in which he had long been interested and which he has now led to the threshold of active operation.

A sound scholar and scientist with a firm grounding in the neurological bases of psychology, Dean Thuma enjoyed an eminently successful career as an undergraduate teacher. Following his return from military service, he assumed direction of the laboratory course, which forms the core of the undergraduate curriculum in psychology. He had earlier helped to establish the tutorial program in the College of Literature, Science, and the Arts. His concern for the smooth functioning of his Department and his College over-all was concurrently expressed through his offices as counselor, committeeman, and departmental secretary. During his years as college administrator, he distinguished himself by his poise, his humor, and his mastery of detail. His colleagues, who are not always wont to give administrators the benefit of doubts, trusted him for his straightforwardness, honored him for his dedication, and loved him for his kindness and courtesy.

The Regents of the University, who appoint him now Professor Emeritus of Psychology, Associate Dean Emeritus of the College of Literature, Science, and the Arts, and Director Emeritus of the Residential College, tender him their own respectful gratitude for his long devotion. They warmly invite him to benefit the University by remaining associated with it and partaking of all the courtesies due to the emeritus ranks.