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Bozidar Stojadinovi
Professor Stojadinovi's Resume

University of Michigan, Ann Arbor July 1995–December 1999
Professor of Civil Engineering

Performed teaching, research and service duties at the Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering. Teaching assignments include two undergraduate courses (Solid and Structural Mechanics, and Reinforced Concrete Design) and three graduate courses (Dynamics of Structures, Finite Element Methods in Solid and Structural Mechanics, and Earthquake Engineering). Completed research projects include: 1) development of Free Flange fully restrained steel beam-to-column connection (FEMA-350); 2) examination of reasons for failure of steel moment connections: 3) investigation of seismic behavior and design options for moment-resistant column bases; and 4) applications of augmented reality for detecting and managing hazard imperceptible by human senses. Developed and conducted a short course on Dynamics of Structures at the Black and Vetach Ann Arbor office. Department service duties were: Associate Director of the Structures Laboratory, ASCE Student Chapter Faculty Advisor and member of the departmental Research Committee.


May 1995 Ph.D. Civil Engineering, University of California, Berkley
May 1990 M. S. Civil Engineering, Carnegie-Mellon University
March 1988 Dipl.Ing. (B.S.) Civil Engineering, University of Belgrade, Yugoslavia

Employment History

Professor, IBK, D-BAUG, Swiss Federal Institute of Technology (ETH) Zürich Chair of Structural Dynamics and Earthquake Engineering

Kwang-Hua Visiting Professor, Department of Civil Engineering, Tongji University, Shanghai, China 2010

Geological Faculty Scientist, ESD, Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory 2009-2011

Professor, CEE Department, University of California Berkeley
Structural Engineering, Mechanics and Materials 2008-2011

Director, NEES Equipment Site laboratory, University of California Berkeley 2006-2009

Associate Professor, CEE Department, University of California Berkeley

Assistant Professor, CEE Department, University of California Berkeley 2000-2003

Assistant Professor, CEE Department, University of Michigan, Ann Arbor 1995-1999

Graduate Research and Teaching Assistant, CEE Department, University of California Berkeley 1988-1990

Graduate Research Assistant, CEE Department, Carnegie-Mellon University 1988-1990

Research Engineer, Institute IMS, Belgrade, Yugoslavia

Graduate Teaching Assistant, CEE Department, University of Belgrade 1987