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B. Craig Cornwall
Regents' Proceedings

B. Craig Cornwall, D.D.S., clinical assistant professor of dentistry in the School of Dentistry, retired from active faculty status on June 30, 2020.

Dr. Cornwall received his B.Sc. (1974) degree from Western Michigan University and his D.D.S. (1978) degree from the University of Michigan. He joined the University of Michigan faculty as a pre-clinical instructor (DS1) in 1993 and was promoted to clinical instructor (DS3) where he taught from 1994-96. After returning to the university, Dr. Cornwall served as the assistant director (2006-12) and director (2012-14) of the General Practice Residency Program (GPR) and chief of Hospital Dentistry (2012-19).

Dr. Cornwall was actively involved in expanding the scope of patient care services for the Hospital Dentistry Program to include management of patients with complex needs, including significant collaborative efforts with the departments of oral & maxillofacial surgery and radiation oncology as well as otolaryngology, organ transplant and oncology services, cardiac surgery, pediatrics, and emergency medicine. The Hospital Dentistry Program has maintained a reputation as one of only a few facilities in the state to care for those patients with special healthcare needs, including an expanded dental practice in an operating room setting. Dr. Cornwall also oversaw an expansion of the GPR Program to include a fifth resident in 2013. Throughout his most recent 14 years with the university, he served as assistant course director, co-course director, and course director in multiple pre-doctoral dental and dental hygiene courses and was involved in the redevelopment of the biologic and materials sciences curriculum. In 2007, he was recognized for his professional achievements and dedication to the field of dentistry by being elected to the International College of Dentists. Most notable during his career was his teaching effort to expose dental students and residents to the significance of their overall medical education with respect to their patient care by sparking an awareness of the importance of dentistry’s professional contributions to oral and systemic health promotion.

The Regents now salute this distinguished faculty member by naming B. Craig Cornwall, clinical assistant professor emeritus of dentistry.