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Asa Gray
Regents' Proceedings 200

Intelligence having been received of the death, on the 30th of
January last, of Asa Gray, LL. D., first professor in this University,
and afterwards Fisher Professor of Natural History in Harvard
University, the Board of Regents in view of the services rendered
to this institution by Dr. Gray, in the judicious selection of books
for its library and in other ways, during the period of his
professorship here, desire to place on record such an expression of
respect and honor as is due to his memory.

Without attempting to recount his many contributions to the
stock of human knowledge during his long life of tireless activity
in the exposition of scientific truth, or to estimate the influence
exerted by his profound knowledge and philosophical acuteness,
not only in his special department but also in the discussion of
those more difficult problems to which he so wisely and
generously contributed, we may be permitted, in common with the
wide circle that mourns his loss, to add our voice in honor of this
great leader in the intellectual development of the period in which
he lived.

Especially do we recall with grateful appreciation his
reverent love of truth in every form, his broadly catholic spirit, and
the kindly helpfulness long to be remembered by so many who
have looked to him as master and friend. We lament his unfinished
work, but rejoice that such a man has lived, and we wish to be
numbered with those who sincerely mourn his loss and rise up to
honor his memory.

To his family and friends we extend our deepest sympathy in
this hour of their heavy affliction.