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Arie L Nettles
Vanderbilt University

Division of Developmental Medicine

Arie Nettles’s work includes the planning, implementation, and leadership of a new clinical psychology service for the Center for Child Development in the Division of Developmental Medicine. This service provides assessment, diagnosis, and brief therapeutic interventions to children and youth ages 7-21 with autism spectrum disorders, developmental delays, or other mental health condition, and their families. The diagnostic and assessment services provided this older population are unique, and to date, over 1,000 children and families have received services. The three-tier model includes an initial clinical interview, administration of psychological tools, and a follow-up session to discuss and manage diagnoses. At least 6 hours of direct service is provided to children and families. This clinic supports families, helps them better understand the development of their children, and coordinates a systemic collaboration for all who are involved with these children. Children and families return every 6 months or annually until young adulthood, facilitating robust data collection and great research potential.