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Ann Wizinsky Pattullo
School of Nursing

Ann Wizinsky Pattullo, M.N., R.N., Associate Professor of Nursing; Lecturer in Health Development; and Program Director for Nursing, ISMRRD

Diploma, Metropolitan School of Nursing, Windsor, Ontario, Canada, 1951; B.S.N., University of Washington, 1963; M.N., University of Washington, 1966.

Nursing consultant on the field staff of the Child Development and Mental Retardation Center, University of Washington, Seattle; Assistant Professor of Nursing 1971-1976, Associate Professor of Nursing 1976-1979, School of Nursing; Lecturer in Health Development, School of Public Health; and Program Director for Nursing, Institute for Study of Mental Retardation and Related Disabilities, University of Michigan, 1971-1979.

At the University of Michigan Patullo taught public health nursing. Six of her graduate students, as a learning project, assembled building blocks, a mobile, touch board, rattle and other toys from household items and discards such as cereal boxes, bottle lids, and aluminum foil. To document the project, they created a thirty-minute videotape to show to nurses, teachers, occupational therapists, and homemakers (Petoskey News-Review 3-May-1972).

Pattullo lectured at public and professional conferences on the care of children with mental retardation, covering how to recognize handicapping conditions in newborns and how to give adolescents anticipatory guidance about menstruation. With Susan Ann Clemen, Pattullo contributed a chapter called “The Adolescent with Mental Retardation” to the textbook Nursing Care of Adolescents, edited by Jeanne Howe (New York: McGraw-Hill, 1980). In 1969 Pattullo wrote a 43-page booklet called “Puberty in the Girl Who Is Retarded” that is still available from the National Association for Retarded Children.

More recently and for many years, Pattullo was a school nurse in the Edmonds School District, Lynnwood, Washington. Born in Trail, British Columbia, Canada in 1929, Pattullo was naturalized as a United States citizen in Butte, Montana in 1961. She died in Seattle, Washington in 2016 at age 86.