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Alexander Winchell
Regents' Proceedings 554

WINCHELL, ALEXANDER, LL.D. Professor of Physics and Civil Engineering, 1853-1855, Professor of Geology, Zoology, and Botany, 1855-1873, Professor of Geology and Paleontology, 1879-1891, resigned March 1873 to become Chancellor of Syracuse University. Died at Ann Arbor, Mich. Feb. 19, 1891.

Regents’ Proceedings, October 1891, Page 554

Dr. Winchell died in December 1890, after a brief illness. He joined our Faculty earlier than any man now in our service. He was appointed to a chair in 1853, and though absent from us for four years during his incumbency of the Presidency of Syracuse University and of a Professorship in Vanderbilt University, he gave thirty-three years of his life to this institution. He was a man of large and varied learning not only in the sciences, which he taught, but also in mathematics, physics, astronomy, ethnology, language and philosophy. His name and his work were widely known both in this country and in Europe.
Alexander Winchell