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Albert J. Rousseau
Regents' Proceedings 594

The President reported the death of Professor Albert J. Rousseau, which occurred suddenly in Ann Arbor the evening of Saturday, April 18. It was directed that the following statement be spread upon the record and that a copy be sent to Mrs. Rousseau:

The Regents have heard with profound sorrow of the death of Professor Albert J. Rousseau and desire to express to Mrs. Rousseau and to Professor Rousseau's relatives their deepest sympathy.

Professor Rousseau was associated with the College of Architecture of the University of Michigan as Assistant Professor, Associate Professor, and Professor of Architecture for a period of nearly sixteen years, during which time, by his inspiration and his skill in architectural theory and practice, he contributed very greatly to the progress of the Architectural College.

The Regents feel that it is impossible to acknowledge adequately the services, which have been rendered to the institution by so devoted and accomplished a member of the faculty, as was Professor Rousseau. They wish, however, thus to make record of their regard for Professor Rousseau and their gratitude for his many years of service to the University of Michigan.

The salary of Professor Albert J Rousseau was pad to his widow for the balance of t